Florence: More Churches!

Our next day in Florence was definitely more low-key. I finally got my nerve up to venture downstairs and have a cappuccino, which was a fun and completely different experience from strolling into Starbucks (which is ironic, because Starbucks was inspired by Italian coffee shops). In America, we are so solitary. We get our food, go to our tables, sit down and do our thing. Not in Italy. Here you drink your coffee right at the bar where they make it, standing up, with strangers packed in on both sides of you. Definitely different.

We did some more sightseeing today, more churches, a palazzo or two. I lit some more candles, for Jen and SuSu this time, and extra one for David’s mom because they were traveling.

I'm not sure if he has a really big heart or just likes to play with fire.

We crossed over the River Arno and tromped up about 87,000 stairs up the side of a hill and we rewarded for our efforts with a fantastic view of Florence.

Another day of stairs!


I think we were at the Michelangelo Piazza? We had a another lackluster lunch…pizza this time. But we soon added another rule to the Italian Dining Handbook: If there’s a view, that’s what you’re paying for. 😉

Back across the Arno, this time via the Ponte Vecchio, a bridge bedecked with jewelry shops and gelato parlors.

The Ponte Vecchio

After that hike, we decided to take a break back at our apartment. I managed to get in a few yoga stretches, which was nice after all the walking and traveling.

Ahhhhhh tranquility.

Meanwhile David was able to work in some of his post-exercise stretching, as well.

Dinner time again. We gave up on the fabled restaurant and decided to go in-search-of Giubbe Russe, the restaurant where our friends Selena and Nathan celebrated after their wedding. We had spotted it earlier, so we felt pretty confident about getting back there, which we finally did. The food was definitely better than our previous night’s dinner debacle, but still not quite what we were expecting in Florence. Of course, we could have been ordering wrong, but regardless, it was definitely much better!

We ended the night like we did most in Italy, a little more vino, and a nice gelato nightcap.

Tired Squirrel


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