Florence, Day 2: Culture and Chaos!

We awoke the next morning with a pre-set agenda.  I reserved tickets for us to the Uffizi Gallery (home of room after room of medieval art including several Boticellis) and The Arcademia, home of Michaelangelo’s “David.”

Josh outside the Uffizi

The Uffizi Gallery was fantastic, totally worth doing, if a bit redundant in there. [David: “Oooh, another ‘Adoration of the Magi’, look there’s another ‘Annunciation’.] But what really impressed us was the David [David Brothers would say, ‘Well of course you’re impressed…it’s called “David”’]

David replica outside the Uffizi...no photos allowed of the original.

Seriously though, it’s so big, so much bigger than I had imagined. Feet, legs, hands, arms, torso, face — all in such detail, from one block of stone. Unfathomable. The delicate veins in his lower hand and bicep were some of the most arresting details. And the sling that he’s holding in his left hand? It goes all the way down his back. Who knew? I just circled and circled until I got a little dizzy and David B was starting to get jealous. 😉 Magnificent.

After viewing the David, we headed back to the Duomo, where David suggested we go inside. The line was HUGE, and I was hesitant, but it seemed to be moving fast so we stuck with it.Less than ten minutes later, we were inside, and the views were stunning. We admired the sunlight streaming through the windows, quietly marveling at the beauty of the space.

"Quicker than a ray of light she's flying."

This is where I lit my first candles…one for David’s mom, one for mine (many others came later).

Josh lighting candles for every woman in his life.

Outside again, we decided to climb the adjoining bell tower.

The view from the bottom.

OMG…what a climb! Tiny, tiny corridors, barely wide enough for two-way traffic — that’s with one person climbing, the other plastered against the wall.

Italian Stairmaster

Level after level, winding stone stairs, a little stinky from all the Euroteens on holiday…but so worth the breathless ascent. Panoramic views of all of Florence…a sea of red-tiled roofs flowing out below.

The view from the top.

After we made it back down we headed over to the other major Florentine landmark, the Santa Croce church.

Santa Croce

Another beautiful and imposing church.  We had a great view of this church from our apartment terrace.

View from our apartment's terrace.

The inside didn’t disappoint either.

Santa Croce

After our city tour and a brief respite on the terrace, it was off to find the best dinner in Florence. We were so excited…

Ready for some grub!


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