Sorrento or Bust

We were sad to leave Tuscany with the blue sky bright and the sun shining, but we had a boot to travel, so we packed up the wine and zoomed off to Sorrento.  It took a few days to get settled enough to start writing again. We had some hiccups our first days, but finally got into the swing of things after cresting the learning curve.

Again, Italy has defied our expectations. We wound our way into this cliffside town expecting quaint, secluded, quiet. Instead, we found tourist central! But we got accustomed to it.

The drive down and around to Sorrento was beautiful, with Vesuvius hovering menacingly in the hazy background.


Like Florence, the buildings here aren’t more than three or four stories tall, but they’re more brightly colored and less fortress-like. The town seems to rush to the cliffside, then stop abruptly, perched over the sea, the plunging cliffs holding development at bay. Three hundred feet below, the sea laps a narrow strip of pebbled beach.


It was too cold to get in, but not cold enough to explore. The locals seemed to be getting their modest beach facilities ready for the summer, so David snuck around and snapped pictures, while I combed the beach for jewels (i.e., sea glass). Look, I know it’s probably just 10-year old scraps of beer bottles, but who knows? It could be shards of an ancient Roman bottle. As David says, “One man’s trash is another Squirrel’s treasure!’

Beachside dressing rooms

Beach combing Squirrel

Squirrel jewels

Prepping for the season


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