From Heaven to Hell: Pompeii

From the breath-taking beauty of Capri, on to the scorched ruins of Pompeii. I’ve been fascinated with the story of this volcano-entombed city since the 6thgrade. Visiting did not disappoint.

David in the shadow of Vesuvius.

Ruin of Jupiter's temple in Pompeii

It was a very sunny day, very dry and gusty, with the wind blowing up clouds of Pompeii dust (I couldn’t help but wonder, ‘Am I getting dead people in my mouth???’) Speaking of, you’re probably familiar with those plaster casts of Vesuvius’ victims. Seeing them up close was a uniquely eerie experience. There was something invasively morbid about the piles of tourists snapping pictures of their remains. They descended upon the bodies like busloads of photographic vultures, snapping up pictures of these poor souls in their last tragic moments.

I took just one, of a man who was crouching down, his head in his hands.

I immediately felt guilty, like I had taken a picture of a auto-accident victim with my cell phone.

Coming down from my soapbox, Pompeii was a vast place, so much bigger than we expected. After a while, the houses and ruins tended to blur together. Then we came upon the coliseum, which was awesome. Standing in the middle, you could almost imagine what it was like to be surrounded by thousands of bloodthirsty citizens, screaming for your death.

Coliseum in Pompeii

Back to present day, Pompeii was filled with thousands of people — tourists. We were surprised to see how many walls were covered with grafitti, that people could have the audacity to defame this place. But the tour showcased ancient grafitti, so I guess it just proves that people have always been and will always be disrespectful, destructive idiots. Some of us, at least. 😉

Pompeii ruins

Bath house in Pompeii

Painted walls in Pompeii


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