Birthday Dinner (Thanks to Baby Jesus & The Woo Girls)

No, I did not have birthday dinner in a laundromat. Thank God.

The next day, my birthday, we decided to play it easy and recharge from our travels (i.e., tackle a week’s worth of dirty clothes). We scoped out a laundry mat, and fed euros into the machines until all of our clothes were clean. I was SO happy to say “Ciao!” to my dirty jeans smell. We got hungry waiting, so I got us a pizza — arugula with tomatoes. Kinda plain, but the crust was really good. After a day of exploring, we went out in search of a special place for my birthday dinner.

Our apartment managers recommended one restaurant, but on our way up its steps, a descending British woman muttered (it sucks, don’t go!). We took that as a sign and went in search of something better. Only we couldn’t decide! Bordering on starvation (and breaking our newly made rule), we decided to go back and give it a try. This is when Baby Jesus intervened once again, this time by sending in the big guns — The Woo Girls.

As we rounded the corner back to the original restaurant, a group of girls was taking pics of each other. I offered to take one of them all together, and we began talking. They asked if we had been anywhere great to eat yet, and we mentioned we were looking for somewhere fun for my birthday. They lit up and immediately and enthusiastically recommended a restaurant, which we thankfully were able to find. And it was AWESOME. Taverna Allegra. If you go to Sorrento, you must go.

Sorry for the blur, this was taken after the festivities...

First, they immediately brought us prosecco. Score. Second, they brought us cheese and olives and bread. Double Score. Plus, they had a crazy old Italian man in a rhinestone cowboy hat who would randomly decide to sing along  with the guitar player. So funny.

"When the moon hits your eye..."

Oh, and the food was delicious! I had a seafood risotto, and it was divine. Mussels and clams, baby! We were having a blast, laughing at the performers and the other guests, including the Jersey Housewives, sitting behind David.

New York? Riiiiight.

We had so much fun we ordered another bottle of prosecco and just hung out. That’s when David told them it was my birthday. Not only did they serenade me in Italian, they brought out a dessert with firework in that shot sparks three feet in the air! It was so out of control! It’s the kind of thing that just wouldn’t happen in America. Viva Italia!

Baby you're a firework!

As you can tell, it was quite a night. Not a bad place to turn 33. Not bad at all!

Great birthday — thanks, Baby!


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